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Hospital Bill Review

Chapman Consulting LLC is a highly specialized
Hospital and Medical Bill review company. 

No other company has the indepth financial information or the proprietary method that we make available on an individual claim basis.

Our reviews and reductions are defendable and defensible

Our Services have helped clients save Millions in Medical Costs.

Review the services that are offered:

  • Individuals- Uninsured or Underinsured
    We see no reason that uninsured patients pay hospitals rates that are higher than what a private insurance company would pay.  Our review and analysis will provide you or Chapman Consulting with the tools to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement on your medical bills.

  • Attorneys
    High price Medical and Hospital bills have proven to be obstacles that attorneys have to deal with and overcome in today’s healthcare environment.  We are experts in working with attorneys in finding solutions to high price medical claims.

  • TPA's/Insurance Companies 
    Expert Specialty Bill Review & Negotiation Services.  Our proven methods reduce your high cost medical bills and hospital bills with defensible results.

  • Medicare Reimbursement Rates
    If you want to know what Medicare would reimburse for your hospital bill or your physician bill, let us fight through the confusion and get you that information.

  • Hospital Financial Information 
    Are you looking for specific financial and/or statistical data for hospitals?  We maintain an extensive database with this type of data for nearly every hospital in the country.

We are hired to review and evaluate hospital and medical bills along with the prices for those services.  The medical bills are first reviewed for errors and are evaluated by utilizing proprietary information that will calculate a fair reasonable price for the medical services. We believe our hospital bill repricing program is unique in the industry; our prices are defendable and defensible.

Healthcare cost has escalated at an alarming rate. One major contributor to that rapid increase in healthcare cost is that hospitals and medical providers are free to set their prices and charges at any level, and can increases those prices at anytime and at any rate. All hospitals control and maintain their price list for services in what’s called a chargemaster. A hospital’s chargemaster can contain over 15,000 items, and there is no standard for the way a hospital bills for their services or supplies. Therefore, comparing hospitals prices with what other hospitals are charging is difficult. Let us help you fight through the confusion. Trying to decipher all of the codes and the list of all the charges can be baffling. 

Many of the other medical bill review and medical bill auditing companies only concentrate on medical billing and hospital billing errors. Our company also reviews for major billing errors, but our focus is more on scrutinizing the prices being charged by the hospital and medical provider. Our program uses the process of analytics to calculate and recommend what a fair price should be for medical services provided at a specific hospital. If you are uninsured or underinsured with large medical bills or hospital bills, please review the services and solutions that we offer.
We live in a world where having information gives you power. Currently the hospitals have all of the power. With our database we can provide you with hospital specific and procedure specific information that equalizes the playing field between the provider and the payor.

When it comes to understanding the complex world of hospital pricing and hospital charges, you need a leader. Call Chapman Consulting.  We have the data and expertise needed to gain fair pricing.

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Let us help you with your questions and find a solution to your Medical Bills.

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