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Services for the Uninsured
& Underinsured

We see no reason that uninsured patients pay hospitals rates that are higher than what a private insurance company would pay.

For the uninsured and underinsured patient, Medical Bills and Hospital bills can be very frustrating. In many cases the uninsured patient is required to pay the highest prices for the services they receive. Even though hospitals and medical providers are required to bill all patients the same price that is listed in their chargemaster, all of those other payers demand and get discounts.  Our software program will analyze the healthcare prices and expose providers that have aggressively marked up their charges.

We Offer the Following Services:

      Bill Review & Report Only 

Our first level of service is for the patient who is looking for additional information and would like to negotiate their own hospital bill or medical bills.   

The review and report will provide you with enough information to be able to negotiate an equitable discount with the hospital.
Or, the report will indicate if the discount from the hospital is fair.

You will receive a written report within 3 days.

Please call (800)906-8085 

      Information and Negotiation Services

The next level of service will include the type of review and repricing we describe above. Plus we will take over negotiations with the hospital and all of your physician bills. With the review and the information that is calculated we will work with your medical practitioner or hospital for the purpose of negotiating a favorable payment amount.

The cost for the information and the negotiation services is as follows, we charge an initial fee of $350 to start working on a case. We guarantee a minimum savings of the $350, and any additional savings over $350 we then charge 25% of any additional savings. If we cannot get you any savings we will refund the initial fee.

     Send the following information:

You can fax the above information to (512)681-9411
You can email the information directly to me at
Mail the information to:
Chapman Consulting LLC
Marc Chapman
14604 Mansfield Dam Ct  Unit #1
Austin, Texas 78734

All patient information will be kept confidential; no contact will be made with the hospital or medical providers without your written permission.

Submit a Contact Form and we will Contact you.

Contact us at (512)852-8265 or (800)906-8085.

Customer Testimonials:

..I have to tell you that when I came across your website I was skeptical about your abilities to reduce my hospital and doctor bills, but you have made me a believer.

Again, I want to thank you for your help in my ability to resolve my uninsured daughter's recent hospital bill satisfactorily.  After I wrote one letter, the hospital contacted me a and voluntarily reduced their bill from over $15,000 to less than $3,200.  I was both gratified and amazed.

Thanks to your information the hospital has agreed to the settlement below.

...I wanted to thank you both for the effort and persistance both have shown in the face of this difficult and drawn out process.  The persistance paid off for us both.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help.  As a nurse I deal with sick people on a daily basis yet my own brief illness was a big reminder of how quickly an unexpected event can turn your life upside down.  Had it not been for your kindness, professionalism and the effectiveness of your service I'm not sure I would have landed on my feet again.

FYI the hospital came back to this letter proposal with the CFO accepting half, which is $12,127.  This was as you suggested might be the case.  Thanks for your help and advice all along.

I write to say, once again, "thank you" for a job very well done.  I "closed" the settlement today with .... receiving the release OK'd by in-house counsel and signed by SVP, against which I delivered an official bank check for $84,574.49 

Uninsured - Underinsured
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